Thursday, September 20, 2007

Today I took pictures to share one of my most favorite parts of the day...waiting for the bus with the boys!

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LACY said...

Cute pics! I am glad you wrote, I can't believe you have 3 kids, that is so great. They are so cute. How's NY? Did you know that my husband great up in NY? He lived an 1 1/2 hour from NYC, Middletown. Love your blog!

Rachel said...

Conner is so big now! Handsome little guys! love them!

JENY said...

Jaime,I am so glad you found me!
It is so good to see you and your family. How long have you been in NY? You look awesome! I will totally check your blog all the time. I love to see new blogs.........Matt thinks I have an addiction.

BrookeO said...

Oh boys!
& Connor seriously I can just see how excited he is from the pics to go to school. Such a big boy! I love this time of day too.

Haley said...

Connor looks like such a big boy. J is so excited to ride the bus next year. I love seeing the boys hug before he leaves. How cute is that!