Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My ode to Brode--y

Look at my baby! He turned 2 on the 12th which means he's not much of a baby anymore. But we won't tell him! I am too much enjoying the little things and so until he's [too] big I'll still rock him to sleep, cuddle him on the couch & carry him around anyway. These are things I want to remember about my cute little guy at this adorable age...

All about Brody

*His hair is blonde, platinum really, actually it’s a nice shade of…um, white
*His hair disappears when it gets wet
*He can hear an airplane from anywhere in the house…Awrpwane, Awrpwane!
*He gets frightened easily
*He has no fear of strangers and will high-5 anyone who’s willing
*He thanks me for even the smallest thing ‘danchyou, mom’
*He says sorry if he accidentally bumps you, says sorry even if he bumps himself
*He thinks coloring is the best invention ever, especially when done on the walls, furniture…
*He eats every bite he takes with a loud YUMMM! or MMMMM!
*He has a small birthmark on his forehead
*He’d play all day in the bath if I let him
*He loves getting his picture taken and says the perfect CHEEEESE every time (hope that lasts!)
*He snores---don’t worry, it’s cute, he takes after his dad

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April said...

So sweet, and so polite! What a cutie :)

[Brooke Oldroyd] said...

ALL of this is true, I think somewhere he got all the "good" things and Ava well the "not so good things"...maybe they will even out someday. Brody boy, happy birthday. Love you.