Wednesday, November 28, 2007

5 1/2...I think?!


This is Connor as you all know, but I am not really sure he is only 5 and a half. He's such a smart and insightful child...he's the kind of kid that makes me laugh. Not in the silly, comedic way (although, trust me, most days he is those things) but more like in the OCD, philosopher, intelligent way. There's no way 1/2 the stuff he says could come out of such a young kid. The other night while hanging ornaments I was getting frusterated because the kids were so excited to decorate the tree and they were putting ALL the balls in one small low area of the tree and when I asked so kindly for them to go play with their toys because I wanted to make the tree look it's very best Connor out of now where could sense my frusteration and said 'mom, you're missing the whole idea of Christmas' um, what?! Okay, you're right. And today after finishing watching a movie he said 'mom, the message of that movie was that no matter how much stuff you get, stuff can't bring you happiness' his words exactly and again I say...what? Bryan then turned to me and said 'ahhh, I think he gets his smarts from you' Yeah, with the huge smile that was on his face I think he was kidding. At Connor's age I'm pretty sure my deepest thoughts were trying to figure out how the Care Bears really could travel in a cloud car all the way to Care-a-lot!
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April said...

What an awesome kid - you know it is because you guys are great parents! Come on, take the credit!! Such a cute little family - is it time for #4?

Dani said...

I love it! That better go into a journal or baby book or something!

Rachel said...

I love that kid to pieces! He cracks me up and I am missing you guys so bad! He definately gets the brains from you though, remind Bryan that! haha! and i say you ARE ready for numero quatro (number four, in case you didn't get that) haha, just jokin'.

[BrookeO] said...

I can hear him saying all this....good kid, can I buy him? How much!