Monday, December 3, 2007

Cookie Critique

I just made the Brownie Thins...SOOOO good! I'd give them 5 stars! I think these will be my neighbor gifts packaged like the picture below. I made three varieties to try...pistachios, almonds and toasted coconut. All 3 get the thumbs up!

Update on Jack the dog: This is the first real full day (since yesterday we spent it at the vet getting him the full work up) and I have to say I am NOT a big animal person but I LOVE this puppy. He wants to be right next to me (I think because during the day the kids aren't here, but...). All day he has followed me around if I'm in the kitchen making cookies or working at the computer he's at my feet taking a nap. So cute. Oh yeah, and the kids love him too! Puts a little spring in their step when they get off the bus [or more like a full on sprint!].


mckenna said...

funny flexable dog