Thursday, April 10, 2008

Favorites and Loves this week...

*Connor spotting his golf clubs in the garage said "I really need to play golf this week!" He really is his father's son.
*Brody said to me with MUCH excitement "Oh Jaime! I love you Jaime!" It was said with so much conviction I just started cracking up immediately. So cute!
*The dog loves to be outside! (YAY!)
*Blowing bubbles with Brody in the tree house
*Playing two hours of tennis with Taylor
*"New Soul" by Yael Naim (Itunes)
*Lucky Charms cereal
*Hearing the kids and Bryan playing baseball in the backyard
*Brody AND Bryan making the local Rochester news: Brody as he is running around the video store at Blockbuster, Bryan for assisting in a new foot/ankle surgical procedure.
*Diane Sawyer's interview with Randy Paush about "The Last Lecture". If you missed it...check it out here.
*Listening/watching Conference
*Maui Mist Scentsy bar
*I can see my grass!
*First season of HEROES, Bryan and I are hooked, we've watched 15 episodes in the last 10 days!
*Listening to Connor practice the piano
*Taking the kids to the park yesterday for the first time this year
*Hearing Taylor play her first song on her cello - Hot Cross Buns never sounded so good!
*Desperate Housewives is BACK!
*My spin class on Tuesday
*Reading every Thomas the Train book we own to Brody, twice!


Anna said...

We are big Heroes fans!

[BrookeO] said...

Ok Seriously can I come over?! I love this list --- miss you guys!

brieanne. said...

what a week! bet you're glad to be home!

Shelle said...

How fun to make a list! I was a Hero's fan also, until season two...didn't like it as much! ah well!