Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Day in the Life: Typical Tuesday

Most of the morning we did a lot of this:

Rochester every year holds the Lilac Festival at Highland Park. After three years of living here the kids and I finally went. The flowers were gorgeous and I really wish I had a scratch and sniff option on here because the smell was wonderful as we ran through these giant lilac bushes. Here are some pictures of that part of our day:

Taylor Tennis Tuesday: {say that 3x fast!}

While Tay has her lessons, the highlight of our day is spinning with Bob. Bob is awesome! He looks just like Steven Colbert and reminds me of Steve Carrell. He thought it would be fun to get a before and after the class of Bry & I.
So here we are BEFORE, I think, we already look pretty, bad lighting??

And here we are AFTER, Bryan takes it a little more seriously than I do, plus it was his second workout that day.
{& I think he's got acting skillz}

That's it! We went home, ate dinner, got some chocolate peanut butter ice cream [couldn't resist, we earned it, right?] and eight movies from Blockbuster. Yeah, I know...Bryan's not working right now, so we gotta catch up on all we've missed. Speaking of missing something...I missed Idol tonight, but got the performance recap of each one at the end :( Who do YOU think is going home next??????


Anna said...

I give Brian credit for attending a spinning class! The lilac pictures are beautiful.

Shelle said...

Come on couldn't look bad under any light if you tried...I look more like Bryan after the spin class and you look like you could go another round!

Lilac pictures are gorgeous and that look really fun!

and it's no competitions...the David's are going to the final two!

Carrie said...

I just LOVE your pics, I really need to get a good camera!!

Me and the boys said...

Syesha--ALL THE WAY!....
I hope?!?!? HOw fun that you live in such a gorgeous place....Makes Utah look bad! Love all your pics!

Kari and Ryan said...

You and Bry have so much fun together! Love your family! Oh and Syesha has got to go! We want David Cook to win! Last nights performances were horrible! I didn't like any of them. That's my opinion!! :)
Have a great day!

Jennie Minor said...

you look great after working out! I am so disgusting and sweaty, especially after a spin class. Love the pics! So pretty!

Haley said...

Haha! I love the before and after photos! What bad lighting are you talking about!?!