Thursday, May 29, 2008

Feeling old.

We saw one of these cute Model T Ford cars on the road the other day and my Connor said 'oh mom, is that the kind of car dad had when he was little?' Glad he thought of his much older dad and not his much younger (by 2 years) mother! Come on, I'm pushing 30 (YIKES!) but it absolutely horrified me that my kids think I am THAT old! I laughed and explained that that was even longer a go, try great/grandpa's time! It reminded me though of the time when I was about his age and totally thought my parents must have driven around in horse and carriage - okay, I feel horrible, that's MUCH worse!


Kristal said...

Aren't kids great?! Last night at dinner Matthew said, "Mom, you look disgusting!" After probing what that meant and why he would say it (he's by far my sweetest boy) he explained it was because I had some crumbs on my lips. Of course he just had to say this the day I didn't do my hair and make-up (and I'm already 30, so that me old AND disgusting!) LOL

Maegan said...

lol, kids are so funny. I remember thinking my mom was so old when she was only 28, my age
:( And I really don't feel very old. My kids have made similar comments and I realize that to them we are ancient!