Monday, May 19, 2008

I smell ya!

I haven't done much with the Scentsy thing (nothing actually, but enjoy mine!) so I got motivated lately when I received quite a few emails and calls lately inquiring about it all. I just love this stuff and I think everyone could benefit, so I'm borrowing commercial space right here to let everyone know that I still have a webpage [] and where ever you live, near or far, you can order from there or feel free to email me any questions you have. [] This month the 10% off Scent of the month goes to the brand new Kiwi Lime Tortilla. They also have the new bricks you can buy in your favorites, big enough to share with friends! As well as 8 brand new warmers available now and I must say, they are some of the cutest ones I've seen so far. I'd be happy to help you pick scents based upon what you like and give you my favs to help you decide. To try it out and get you started the best deal I think is the package that includes your choice of warmer and any choice of three bars. Trust me, you'll love the way it makes your house smell and feel.

A few of my Favorites and what they smell like to me:
Clean Breeze or SunKissed Citrus = clean house smell
Welcome Home or Cashmere = warm and inviting
Coconut Lemongrass or Maui Mist or Havana Cabana or Tahiti Pear = fun, summery
Sweet Pea and Vanilla or Lucky in Love = sweet, but subtle
Ocean or White Tea and cactus = refreshing


Carrie said...

I LOVE, LOVE the Cottage Garden scent!! I actually LOVE all the scents, but this is my favorite!!

April said...

ok, so how does it work? I hadn't ever heard of Scentsy until you blogged about it!

Rachel said...

YUM! I love how my house smells! Right now I'm burning summer sippen'!
New post will come soon!
Am I the ONLY one NOT invited to brooke's blog?

Rachel said...

Also, I am very impressed with your photography talent!!! You are so good and I just might have to recruite you to take some pictures of Andrew for his 2 years when you come out!
love ya

The Larson's said...

I must say I have never heard about it either until you talked about it, but it sounds great!

Trisha said...

Ok I have one scentsy warmer and I can never smell it. Do you think that I need a second one to put in my house or do you think that it is the scents that I have? Everybody tells me how much I love it and I can smell them at other people's house but not mine. What do you think?