Monday, July 21, 2008

Crashes & Kazoo's?

Thousand bucks to the first person who's EVER thought, gosh, my life is just not complete until I visit the original Kazoo factory. And you have to of said it JUST like that. Twice as much to the one that has have ever made their own Kazoo, from metal, using the first ever manual Kazoo maker machine. Anyone? Yeah, didn't think so. My aunt Debi, who was visiting from Salt Lake City, called me on Friday morning to let me know that her and my Uncle Bob were going to be taking a drive about an hour west of here (they were visiting my uncle's brother who lives 20 minutes from me, despite what it sounds like when you read this, they weren't on a drive from Salt Lake) to Eden, NY to check out the very first Kazoo factory built in 1907. I had to jump at the chance at that, on second thought, really? Kazoos? What was I thinking? Certainly I wasn't thinking about my three kids playing Kazoos in the car on the hour ride home so I went ahead and invited ourselves along for the adventure. I love random, silly stuff - you only live once and who knows when I'd be available to go to a Kazoo factory again so why not right? We arrived in Eden. Blink once and you're halfway through, blink twice and doh! you've missed it. It's the cutest town. Infact, it was so cute that this week for The Eden Corn Festival we might have to venture back with Bry. Anyone else game? We arrived at the factory at 2:15 PM, to be promptly informed that the factory closes at 2. Didn't know Kazoo making ends so early. The owner of the toy store that was attached to the factory still gave us a tour of the machines and let us make our own. Okay, so pictures please...oh wait, I accidently erased them all! OOPS! You're spared from those this time. But trust me, it looked just like the picture above, sounded like an annoying frog in your throat buzz and really not so cute when played in your ear. The fun part was seeing my aunt, uncle and cousin Steve and doing something new and different. On Saturday after those pics of my engaged couple in the next post were taken, Bryan and I took the kids to the 3D movie: Journey to the Center of the Earth. Talk about something new and different. Don't know that it was worth the $9.50 a person cost, plus popcorn and drinks...yikes, memo to self to take out a second mortgage! It was one of those that you can predict where's it's going the whole time, guy gets the girl, saves the world...but in um, 3D....yeah. 

After the movie, we walked to our the car. Bryan and I watched in horror as a GIANT red truck backing out from the opposite stall rams right into the back of our car! Not like a oops! they berly nicked the back of it on accident kind of bump, more like a gradual slow motion and kept going even as you hear our car crunching and moving kind of bump. Bryan yelled for me to hurry and write down the license plate number for fear that they would just drive off as he quickly ran up to knock on the guy's window. The man rolled it down, completely oblivious that he had even hit anything. He was so old and disabled that he couldn't even turn his head 45 degrees to look at us, he just turned his shoulders a bit and tried to see out the side of his eyes. Scary! I felt bad for him. Who would let this guy drive? I told Bryan we should turn him in for fear that ramming the back of someone's car in a parking lot is the least horrible thing he could do. Bryan made a joke that totally made me laugh, like he always does and then I said, you're joking until you're the one operating on the poor people he's hit. Lucky for us, Honda Pilot's bumpers can survive a little smooshing in and one little scratch on the paint wasn't worth any hassle.  Morals of these stories: Don't make Kazoo's unless you're prepared with lots of threats to your kids for playing "music" in the car and don't park near handicapped spots especially ones with really long cars parked in them. Okay?
The end.


Jennie Minor said...

I have never heard of Kazoo. Thanks for the tip about the 3-D movie. Preston and Truman want to go and see this SO bad. I think this is one of those times where I'll say.."go have dad and son time".
So scary about the accident. Why do people let some people drive? Scary!

Haley said...

I love 'the end' at the end. Hilarious. Well, not really the crunching car bit, or frankly, the kazoos in the car bit. It makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

Thanks for dinner! You are awesome. Let's take two this coming weekend. Whatcha think?

mckenna said...

You are the funniest! I love it! Those gosh dang old people, they are worse than any 16 year old driver!

mckenna said...

that comment was really me...rachel!

[BrookeO] said...

Oh J!
I'm dying really -
1) Tuttles and the Kazoo factory, Hee!He!
2) your pilot, totally made me think of Gpa...doesn't it?

Hey, we got the SPAM museum...wanna come?!

Kari and Ryan said...

Wow! I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time! The sad thing...we now have our very own kazoo's!! You have no idea what kind of "music" can be played when all four are going....yes, even baby Sammy can play his kazoo! Bob even told us that if the little plastic paper comes off and it doesn't work just call him and he'll have it fixed in a jiffy!! :) Same goes for you!!