Sunday, August 24, 2008

loves this week...

:: peaches brought over from a neighbor :: 
:: the giddiness from c's first lost tooth (and 24 hours later a second) :: tooth fairy pouches :: Strong Museum of Play with a good friend :: a clean house :: delightful fruit + yogurt (strawberry + mini chocolate chip muffins :: applique 101 :: new mouth-watering photoblog to put on my favorites list :: yummy breakfast for dinner mini-puff pancakes with homemade apple butter + maple sausage :: saturday morning bike ride with the whole family :: planning for fall {back to school schedules} + new job jars :: love this :: gathering fabric to make some of my own confetti garland :: a lazy Sunday afternoon laughing + dreaming on the couch with Bry :: organizing my pantry :: warm cinnamon sugar bagels with hazelnut cream cheese from Panera Bread :: Arrested Development season 3 :: 
warm day at the beach :: look mom, no eyes!
awww...that's better!


April said...

um, hi, you had me at "mini puff pancakes"!!!
love this list - I ended up bookmarking most of them.
That garland is so cute - it kind of reminds me of this one that you might like too:

[BrookeO] said...

I can't keep up...I love your loves!!
Loved talking to you today --- miss you!


Tjschoenwald said...

I gotta admit, first look at the picture of the goggles and no eyes, I was jaime decide to photo shop her daughters eyes out? I was way confused until I read the caption! Way cute photos!!

Nelson News said...

Yummy, yummy.. are you trying to sabbatoge my summer diet?? There goes all self control!!