Friday, September 5, 2008

Quiet days on the home front.

A few have inquired about how Brod-man's been holding up since the kids have started school. Of course, we are still getting the hang of it. We start the day with a very sad frown and the question of where they have gone arises about 10 times a day. 

As for the rest of the day...we sneak in a trip to the gym, eat ham + tomato sandwiches with grape juice, make master cities out of train tracks, and sometimes we get in trouble when we sneak Connor's Lego creations and make them into something a little bit different.
Then we see how many different faces we can make.
We feed Jack his breakfast...

{This is my favorite: Are you blowing us a kiss, Mr. Jack?}
Then we count how many times silly Jack will jump before we let him back in. 
It gives us the giggles.

Determination is the key.
{k- I know you'll be probably be sending be sending me some Windex, I have some, promise}

I'm sure very soon as the weather starts to turn I'll begin making SOMETHING out of these scraps of fabric that are waiting for some love.
Speaking of love: Thanks Mom.
You never let me forget the BIG picture when at times I fail to see it for myself.


[BrookeO] said...

Ok cute post. That Brody boy again is my favorite.
Jack, we can't wait to meet may be needing more than windex!!!!!
And 'eh flowers? from mom? bad day? ...

I love you!

April said...

k, nice mom! You and yours!
My patio doors look EXACTLY like that - full of doggy nose prints. Sometimes I just leave him out there all day :)

Mitchell Family said...

Jaime..I love your pictures...I want your camera! Was it sad for you to see your kids off to school? Brody is getting so big. He is a cutie. Keep in touch with us. It's fun seeing your family. Im always looking! Heather

Kristal said...

I've always really enjoyed the one (ok, sometimes 2)-on-one time with my youngest while the older ones are at school. It's so much fun to see them grow into their OWN personality!

And seriously, Aunt Cathy is the best!

Nicole said...

Sounds like Brody's getting some great one on one time with mom! I love that picture of Jack! I guess I better appreciate my clean windows before we get a dog soon!!

teamstowell said...

Windex smindex. We use the garden hose for everything in the summer; neighborhood wildlife, kids, cars and so much more!

mckenna said...