Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Things I just don't want to forget..

Brody makes me LAUGH everyday: 
Here are my favorites...

1) My lovely dovey boy who loves to cuddle every time it's late at night and he's ready for bed he plays with my hair and without fail says "mommy, you're the princess!"

2) When he plays his sister's DS he always screams from the top of his lungs "I want more power mom!" Sometimes I forget what he's doing so it's sounds at first kind of strange + my next favorite remark when he plays DS is "MOM! I beat the leveler!" Leveler?

3) Yesterday while going on a little hike through the forest to see our favorite friends Trevor + Haley I was scared to death because about 10 feet in front of us I looked up and 2 deer! Yikes! Brody said "Look Mom, Lamas!" We LOVE the LaMA PAJama books! 

4) My favorite was getting ready for halloween...I pulled out Taylor + Connor's old practically new from wearing just one time Halloween costumes from the past and thought how Taylor was Brody's same age when my mom and I spent hours and hours making her this darling black + white Dalmation costume. I put it on him + it was perfect! He looked so cute! He looked down at the costume with black spots everywhere + looked up at me with a slightly disappointed look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he said "I DON'T want to be the COW!" 


Haley said...

I'm totally laughing out loud right now! The lamas followed up by the cow costume. REALLY Jaime! Just kidding. I just love that little boy!

[BrookeO] said...

Brody def. says the funniest thing --- I can think of a million things.
Love that little dude.

Anna said...

He really is a cutie!

Kristal said...

Ahhhh. And you even get time with just him. That's awesome.

Alisha said...

Too cute! You need to write a book or something. We love those books too!