Friday, January 16, 2009

sharing sites I've bookmarked for later...

Best Building Blocks I've seen in a while...there's more on their site too.

Valentines on the brain, treat your sweeties to a personalized chocolate two different sizes!

This shop for baby/kid shoes is the best collection I've ever seen.

In my attempt to be more organized this year, I liked this tip to conquer my {overflowing} linen closet {hopefully} once and for all. The girl who suggested it has been doing it this way for over a year says it the best thing ever. I HATE trying to fold fitted sheets and make them look all the same and flat. Rolling & tying with tags or I think you could label cute wicker bins on the shelves and throw them in...genius!

Love Ina Garten, these look tasty!

Added to "blogs I check everyday", check out this one

Since I'm on a mission to get Brody trained before our big trip next month, I thought I'd share anything that might help someone else with this all {too} frustrating task....potty training charts.
(bookmark this one, April!)

Organized mornings call for days of the week tags to print and stick on the hangers of your kids clothes so that they can get going a little faster in the morning...I'm all for that! (You can also print them in pastels)

Watched Martha make this delicious Mac-n-cheese recipe earlier this week...looks like the perfect pregnant porker kind of meal I crave!
This calendar looks like fun, talk about thinking outside the "box" or square as most calendars are...I'm thinking a little quick typing on word and you could make your own?


Natalie said...

I like ideas like this ppl post! I have to say See Kai Run shoes are the best shoes ever! So cute and I like how flexible they are for kids!

Anna said...

Mac and cheeeeeeese!

maren said...

hey jaime...beautiful family. love your posts...i am an ina garten fan as well. congratulations on your almost new addition!

The Larson's said...

Seriously how do you find these things! Your blog is seriously the best and I am so grateful to you for finding the potty training charts! Bella is starting to be trained!!