Friday, April 17, 2009

Look who's on the front page of the newspaper!

Taylor told me earlier this week there was a photographer from the newspaper who came in and took pictures of everyone in her class, I didn't think twice about it until she came running off the bus today with a newspaper her teacher had given her. As she looked through the whole paper she started to panic because realized she had given the actual page of her to a friend to look at and had forgotten to get it back from her. I called Bryan who was at the gym to see if he could pick one up on his way home + ironically enough he said 'I sat down to eat + I'm reading the paper now' {I told him to look at the front page} - and he was shocked to see her there front and center!
When I got to see the paper my first thought was - oh yes, that was the ONE day the whole year that we were running late, I blew it dry + didn't actually do her hair! - Taylor noticed it too + said 'mom, remember this is the day we didn't even do my hair?!' Also made me laugh, if you notice on the desk, Taylor is notorious for cracked, dry lips...I always ask her if she puts in on every time she thinks of it at school to keep them from cracking - I guess I got my proof of that! So there she is, Taylor Mitchell, doing her word study - yay Tay!


[BrookeO] said...

Go Tay! :)

Vanes said...

HOW CUTE!! What a FUN memory!

*Can I schedule a weekend here and there when you're in Aspen?! My mom lives in Colo - that's a GREAT 1/2 way point! I NEED one more NY visit too!! :) I'm SO excited for you - tell Brian CONGRATS!!

LACY said...

How cool! AND Aspen...that is sweet! I can't believe you have been back east for 9 years. Wow.

Emmett and Ashlee said...

Alright Taylor Girl. Congrats on the matching to Aspen. I bet it is nice to know the next destination. Can't wait to see the little man.

Katie said...

hey..good luck tommorrow with the baby! maybe i can sneak away and come visit you!
Lots of love!