Monday, May 4, 2009

side by side comparison: my babies

Taylor was a chub right from the get go. I loved it - double chins rock!

My mexican bambino. Connor and his perfect hair. I still cannot believe he came with all that. I gave him a haircut at two weeks old!
In stark contrast to Connor came our TINY (2 pounds less than Connor) light skinned BLONDIE.

Four years a go today we moved to Rochester and into our first home. It's been good to us.


Jennie Minor said...

I love the pics of all your kids! SOO cute!

maren said...

Beautiful kids Jaime! Barry and I were just talking how you guys have a beautiful family! Presley would for sure love your neck of the woods!

Maegan said...

All your babies are beautiful! Easton looks so perfect. Cute cute pictures!

Rachel said...

LOVE all those pictures! Beautiful Perfect babies/children you have!
I am missing you guys like crazy and want to come to your house soon! I am trying to convince Bryan we need to go there for 4th of July.

Rachel said...

I forgot to say....
Easton is so amazing and perfect! I want to hold him SO bad! He does look like the others but mostly like Con (minus ALL that hair, WOW)

UGH....Why can't we live closer? I am dying!