Sunday, May 24, 2009

What we've been up to these past few weeks...

Bird watching...
Added bird seed + strapped it to the zip line...
The squirrels sure love us - {and once in a while a cute little birdie too!}
Connor's first soccer game of the season!
{nice big sister watching on the side lines cheering him on!}
Dad's assistant coach. {Go Bombers!}
He even scored a goal!
I know nothing about soccer, but looks pretty good to me!
My favorite girl, best friend + the cutest babe I know, Taylor.
Oh what would I do without YOU?! I want you to stay this age FOREVER~
Then on the 11th she turned NINE! {Despite all my asking her not to.}
Bryan + the boys went to fathers + sons.
[camping on top of Hill Cumorah]
one of those perks of living in upstate NY.
Brody's had lots of time to bond with the little brother.
Most of the holdings go about like this.
And then all of the sudden if you place him just right, Brody doesn't touch him {+ he's all nice + fed}...


[BrookeO] said...

Oh so cute J.
Love the pics, LOVE them --- you need to post more often I miss you!!!


Nelson News said...

They are all beautiful! Looks like you have been up to all kinds of fun!

Stephanie said...

I love all these pictures, Jaime--that one of Easton with his big brother is priceless. Can't believe our babies are nine! Also, I think a Father and Son campout on the Hill Cumorah sounds so amazing! (Although the Joseph Smith Memorial isn't so bad, either!) Your kids are all so beautiful!

Maegan said...

That bottom picture of Brody and Easton is adorable, cute little smiles!!

Vanes said...

What darling pics! Sooo cute! I sure LOVE to catch up with your fam! Are you coming to visit anytime soon - we need pictures and I'd wait for you! :) My neighbor also wants some pics! Let me know!

What about your plans in 2 years?! What office - Dr. Anderson?! I'd LOVE that! :)

Lacey said...

That pic of Brody and Easton is the cutest thing ever!! So sweet. Your kids are just so sweet. What an experience to say you camped on Hill Cumorah! So cool.

Jennie Minor said...

LOVE the pic of Brody and the baby! I am jealous that you live in upstate NY! All the FUN things you guys get to do. The Happy bday to both your kiddos!