Sunday, June 7, 2009

take a seat

We've had quite a busy weekend...

First, Taylor grew up!

Seriously, I have proof:

On Saturday she had her first solo performance cello recital. There was photographing allowed during the performance so here's a quick one taken two seconds before she sat down to play her piece entitled "French Folk Song".

She did SUPER! Absolutely perfect. Way to go Taylor!

Today we blessed Easton. It was a beautiful day...

made even better with the visit from this darling family made up of an uncle, an aunt + 3 awesome boy cousins!
Bryan's sister, Rachel, came all the way with her family from West Virginia - drove 22 hours round trip to be here for the blessing - she got to meet the little guy!

He is VERY kissable with those big chubby cheeks!

Before they hit the road back home we took them down the road to Palmyra for some last minute playing...
and a picnic on top of Hill Cumorah
{we could hardly keep the kids at the table as you can see as they were too busy playing}
Then we took a stroll through the Sacred Grove.

Which of course I found provided perfect filtered lighting in the trees for pictures with dad...

and ...PLEASE just one more!

We LOVE you Call Family!
You are simply the best.
We are SO happy you came!
{come back soon!}


[BrookeO] said...

Ah! So wish I was there. Love the pics and holy cow, Tay-Tay, could she be any more gorgeous?!
Love the family photo. Jaim you look amazing!

I miss you guys. July can't come quick enough.

I will call you tomorrow to see how you survived the weekend.I'm guessing everyone else made it out?


Maegan said...

Your daughter is absolutely beautiful but so is her Mama! I love all of the green trees, the desert isn't my choice of love :) So cute!

Dani said...

That's so fun that the Calls got to be there for the blessing. Family is the best. You all look gorgeous, of course. And you really ought to consider locking Taylor up for a few years... say 15 or so. She is going to be trouble whether she wants to be or not! What a beauty!

Mitchell Family said...

How fun. I had no idea that the Call's went up. Heck, I had no idea that it was the blessing. Maybe we should've drove up. That would have been a long drive from here. Glad things went well. Everyone does look great. I love those pictures of Bryan with the kids. Your family is so so photogenic. I don't think Taylor will be a problem. She's such an angel right?

Anna said...

The blessing was lovely.

The Larson's said...

You seriously have such a cute family! Your kids are beautiful! How much longer do you have? Are you moving to Cali or are you coming to Utah?

It looks like you all are doing well! Let me know if you will be in Utah this summer!

510Jen said...

Wow your daughter is getting so big. She is all "growing" up.

So nice to have family come to the blessing. We are blessing Cali on Sunday 3 1/2 months later. Oh well better late than never. Your little Easton is so cute.

Alisha said...

Looks like you guys are doing great. That baby is beautiful! I've been busy softball mom (both girls are playing this year) so sorry I haven't kept in better touch. I'm glad to see you are all well and having a great spring!