Sunday, October 25, 2009

Because he's SIX months.

And I just can't stand it.

He's all kissy + smoochy.
He is a lover-boy.
And he gets me all squishy inside.
His nicknames are punky + monkey.
He's already up on all fours rocking back and forth ready to crawl.
Where did he get such an idea?
I try to sabotage him, knock him down so he won't start that nonsense.
Child abuse? I think not.
A mama's plea:
For the love can't he be a baby just a wee bit longer???


brieanne. said...

he is adorable!!!! I would definitely be squishing those cute cheeks!!

Mitchell Family said...

So cute. That's funny that you knock him over. I would do the same thing. It's hard to see them get bigger, but as you know, it gets funner. Don't worry, I have a feeling this child won't be your last. :)

Jennie Minor said...

he is so cute! I can't believe its already been 7months! Time really does fly. And I LOVE the knocking him down. So funny!

Emily said...

He is so cute!!

Mitchell Family said...

Hey again...Grant started telling his brother that you are taking family pictures of all of us. And when I mean all of us, I mean ALL of us. Don't know where he got that idea. Anyways, can you bring a tri-pod? We want you in the pic too.

Katie said...

I know, it is rediculous, 6 months already? She wont be crawling any time too soon though, she's totally content to just sit. Plus my house is tile, seems like they hate crawling on that. I got the boots at, the one, the only, Target.
Your little man is adorable! Here's hoping he stays little a while longer for ya!

Stephanie said...

Oh man. Don't stop kissing him. He is adorable and he will (as you have learned) crawl away from you. FAST.

[AlisaR] said...

I love your blog so much! I don't visit very often, but whenever I do, I feel happy. I wish I knew you in person, instead of just through your sister :)

510Jen said...

Oh he is sooo cute. Can we just freeze this age? Glad to see you in front of the camera. Doesn't happen much does it!

Maegan said...

He is adorable and I hate how they grow so fast too, my baby is almost 4 :(