Saturday, October 31, 2009


There were skeletons hanging from the chandelier...
and bats on the table.
And bats on the deck. Cute ones.
Plus a Jedi + zebra.
On the menu this Halloween night:
Monster Mucus: Asiago mac n cheese
Witch fingers: green beans
Eyeballs: grapes


[BrookeO] said...

SO cute J.
Can't wait to show the girls the pic and I love that both Aves and Tay were Zebra's - too cute!

Miss ya!

Emmett and Ashlee said...

So freaking cute. I love their costumes. Great pictures.

510Jen said...

Your Jedi is AWESOME. Maybe we will hook him up with Amaya. HMMMM.

Maegan said...

Your kids all looked so cute! Thanks for the message, believe it or not I got that shirt at Ben Franklins, sometimes they have cute clothes for cheap! Funny thing is I think it's really suppose to be a tiny dress :)