Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dinner + a stroll.

What a wonderful treat.
My mom came into town + spent the past 4 days with us!
This is how we spent Sunday afternoon.
It was crisp + cool. Just like most fall NY days we've been having lately.
We spent a few hours in Skaneateles, NY. One of the most beautiful finger lakes in upstate NY. It's about an hour and half drive.
We brought the camera along of course...
We had a yummy dinner right on the lake + then walked down the pier.
Brody loves to sabatoge ALL my pictures whenever possible.
Have a mentioned how BEAUTIFUL it is?!

I HATE spiders. But they were kind of interesting. And quite beautiful as the sun was setting and hit their webs just right. They were clinging to just about every 5 ft of the pier. Kids had a great time looking at them.

We walked down the tiny town street looking through the store windows that were filled with homemade quilts + candy, toys, chocolates + Christmas ornaments.

My mom quickly pointed out one of the most beautiful buildings on the street + had us run up to take a picture. It was after the picture was taken that we realized what the building was!

Brody was making me laugh...he ran up to this wooden painting of pumpkins and said
"mom! look at this!
Do you see me?!
Funny kid.
Never a dull moment.
Trust me.
My mom will back me up on that one!
And also back me up on how BIG this one is getting!
We both have sore arms from carrying him around...

Love my boys.
It sure is a great place!
We'll miss it very much.
The countdown is on...
the house goes up in 3 months!


Rachel said...

Oh my golly! Easton is so big! And looks JUST like Connor.
That place looks awesome! Wish we could have gone out with your mom! We need a vacation! :)

Mitchell Family said...

That place is beautiful. You guys are always having fun. Are you going to be okay then to take pic's on Thanksgiving or sometime while you are there? I really don't want to put you out. I just think it will be great to get pictures of all of us together. You are looking great by the way!

[BrookeO] said...

As if I needed pictures to make me wish I could have been there - these are just salt on the wound.

Looks beautiful and so much fun. Never a dull moment with mom around, something always exciting is going on. I wish she was coming here, just to play with us!!!

And, yes, I agree - Easton is getting bigger and looks like Connor to me too. Love you J.

Dani said...

How gorgeous!!