Wednesday, June 2, 2010

on the agenda.

Connor got this for his birthday from Grandma + Grandpa Wilson. It's this cool new game where you can collect all these blocks, attach them + then watch your stick guys climb from one to another, play sports, sleep, play with each other, etc. It was the biggest hit - Connor loved it! Thanks grandma! She always knows exactly what they would want...

Dad has a little bit of studying to do before the boards...he studies for hours every night.
{this binder weighs TEN pounds}
But before that happened we had to get in a little fun.
{oh they look like sweet children...}

First we got some ammunition ready.

Tested out a few...


They were so sneaky about it, hiding the balloons in the bushes out front, but Bryan was completely unaware + under water ballon attack 2 steps out of his car, it was awesome. Some didn't pop so it was fair game, they got wet too. Surprise attack water balloon fights should be a weekly thing, don't you think?


[BrookeO] said...

Love these pics! Awesome game, yes mom always knows the best things to get.
Wish we were seeing you as soon as Rach is!!

Lacey said...

So funny! What sneaky children!

Sheryl said...

Wow - you are such a fun mom! I'm impressed with you - to be so relaxed and playing with the kids amongst a move across the country and a busy husband. I need to do better about blocking time away from my to do list and just playing with my kids before I miss my chances. I think we'll steal your water balloon idea and attack Dan when he gets back in town!