Sunday, January 30, 2011

A night at the XGAMES!

This will be I'm sure one of the top 10 things we got to do this year.
Go to see the XGames!
Although there wasn't much going on for Thursday night, it was just fun to be there, walk around + see the whole thing up close. The busy nights had upwards of 42,000 people, I'm glad we took the kids THIS night!
We rode the bus about a half a mile + when we got off this is what we saw... (half pipe to the left, big air jumps to the right)

All the booths handing out TONS of free stuff from bags to candy to sunglasses, customized magnets + license was so much fun for the kids.
These snowmobile guys take turns taking the snowboarders from the bottom of the pipe back up to the top.
It's just PURE ENERGY! To see this in person + not TV or pictures is so different. I'm so glad we went.

Try to find the guy in the picture below:
to the left in the air, above the ladder thing! WOW! And this isn't even Shaun White :)


Jen said...

how fun to go to the X-games

[BrookeO] said...

Ah so fun!!!!!!!! Kinda making one more year worth it huh?
Love the pics and love that it is your family "thing"!!

Dani said...

We have been obsessed with watching the games on tv. So jealous you get to be up close and personal!

Rachel said...

So Fun! Wish we could have come!

Maegan said...

That is so neat... such an awesome experience!