Thursday, February 3, 2011

AMS Show!


Taylor has been working so hard lately.
+ straight A's this quarter (which was a LOT of work on both our parts :)
I'm so PROUD of her!
:: She's working on organizational skills + staying focused. ::

+ graduating from a level 7 to level EIGHT in skiing! The definition of that level is: I ski blue bumps and groomed blacks, but no double blacks (yet). I am linking short radius turns in the fall line. I can ski advanced terrain on all four mountains.

+ Media Club meets on Wednesdays after school. She has been involved since school began + made her debut yesterday as cohost with her BFF Sarah on Aspen Channel 12 TV for local programming as well as her school for weekly updates of what's going on in town. (Watch video below: it takes about 10 sec to start!)

+ Feather Extensions Our newest Obsession!
My friend Heather put it in last night. {Got them on Etsy} It is a bundle of 5 feathers together glued in but easily can be removed. When you're sick of those you can put different ones! You can dry, curl, shampoo just like normal. Last 2-3 months. When her hair is all the way down you can just berly see them thru her hair. Super cute + just plain fun!

Watch Taylor's Debut here:
If it doesn't work, AMS SHOW (and click on WATCH NOW)


[BrookeO] said...

Love Tay to the moon and back!!!!!!!!!!!

Maegan said...

Cute feather extensions... never heard of them... now if I just had a daughter ;)