Tuesday, February 22, 2011

what happens in aspen...

It was a FUN, jam-packed weekend.
We were nonstop getting in as much as possible.
I can almost guarantee the best time of your life if you come to visit + I also made the guarantee to one of our guests they will touch Flava-Flav too. BOTH were accomplished. Phew!

4 BYU students:
My sister, her roommate {Jess} + their BF's came for a visit.

Left to right:
{Evans (Connor's friend), Connor, Caleb, Mi'kel, Taylor, Jess + Dalin}

It all went a little something like this...
{pretty much nonstop}
After a small car issue, they made it here late Friday night.
Next morning our guests (Tay + Connor too) went skiing at Highlands.

They had a great time.
The next day Bryan, Kel, Taylor, Caleb, Connor + I got schooled in powder skiing! We took the bus over to Snowmass. It was crowded being a Saturday, but we found some secluded places + spent the day mainly laughing our guts out at how many times we all fell down. Kel you're the best sport + I have my famous spill forever on video. At the end of the day we got up so high in elevation Taylor got altitude sickness so we came down quickly + loaded up on our favorite sour apple candies (something I knew would cheer Tay right up!) before catching the bus home. Video to come. Everyone was so exhausted upon returning home, I was way too tired to cook so we headed out on the town.
We can't let anyone leave without trying our favorite burger place!
I don't have any picture of the next part.
(Might be better that way, right guys?)
Bryan + I suggested they go to a concert while they are here. It's a really small concert place + you can get really good seats. It took a little convincing ($70 on their student budgets) but they all felt like when else would they have the chance to see PUBLIC ENEMY featuring FlavaFlav in person upclose ever again?! So off they went. They got FRONT ROW seats + had the time of their lives. Until they couldn't find their way back home at 2AM I think...

A little phone call to Bryan + they made it just fine ;)
After they slept in I told them it might be a good idea to take one of our favorite hikes to get some fresh air before they made their way back to Provo. I gave Mi'kel my camera to catch it all. Now I wish I had joined them...

Guys photoshoot:

Girls turn:
Work it girls!
{Jess is HILARIOUS!)

It's just such a pretty walk, I LOVE it!

Thanks guys for one fun weekend!
We know you'll go far places too...
Now back to studying!


[BrookeO] said...

Um. Hell-o!!!! That looks like the funnest thing ever. (but I knew it would be) Love the pics and (maybe the new illegal action a little too?!)
I already wished we could have been there now after seeing all the pics and reading about it even more, if that is even possible.

Love you guys, all of you!
PS and yes, Jess is hilarious!

alisa said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! that was SO cute recap! thanks again for letting us come! LOVED it :) LOVE you!

Jaime said...

Good to know you made it safe Kel!
I'm waking up this morning soooo happy we made our little plan ;) I'll pick you up at 5ish tomorrow! I'll call when we're close... love ya.

Rachel said...

-what a blast! how could it not be though?!
-funny that connors friend looks just like him, i had to look real close. lol.
-dying to come back very, very soon!
-miss you guys!

mckenna said...

hahahaha i love jessica!!
That looks like your having the time of your lives out there in the freezin!! wish i could have came and fell along with you guys:)

Betsy said...

Great pictures, it all looks like a blast! What a fun time.

Jessica Anna said...

Jaime! I love this. It is so sweet. The perfect summary of our brilliant aspen weekend. Honestly, it was just what everyone needed. I totally love you and your family, including your parents and other siblings. I love knowing you guys. hmm, these pictures are awesome. Thanks for everything, again!

April said...

So fun! I love the "all lined up" shots... very JCrew!

Emily said...

Great photo's! You are so talented. Em