Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 wrap up

HAPPY New Year's Day 2012!
Before I can properly ring in the new year, I've got to take a moment to wrap things up and update the end of the old.

A few weeks a go we had a fun evening with Bryan's sisters (next to me left to right: Audra, Rachel, Grandma Meyers (Bryan's mom's mom) and Tay) Bryan's grandma lives here, but his sisters both were visiting from the east coast + we were so excited to see them - it's been a few years too many! Rachel is moving to Italy in just a couple of weeks so it was nice to see her + give her a hug before she leaves...but mark my words, we'll be coming for a visit! Italy is one of those places on my list :)

We took a boat ride to the North Pole (aka:Coeur d'Alene lake shores) to see Santa, of course.
A few days later we left for a visit to see my family in Salt Lake. After 30 hours in the car roundtrip, I turned to Bryan and said 'promise me we will never drive that again!' But it did turn out to be well worth the trip in the end...I can say that now!

We met up with all my cousins and their kiddos for a party Sunday evening. It was so much fun and as always, can't go wrong with the bag game!
We had a great time running around Gateway Mall with my brothers, sisters, niece + nephew and mom. Also on our list was taking the kids (who had never been before!) to temple square! We've been living in New England for all of their lives... it was one of my favorite times together.
It's just soooo beautiful, everywhere you look.

Being here reminds me how lucky we are to have the gospel in our lives.
Bryan's one of 12 kids so there's always a wedding or birth or something...I rushed back to Spokane to take bridal pics of #10 of the 12 to get married! Abbey + Alex. They are so cute. I know Alex will fit in great + I'm so happy for them :)

We took this pic ON TOP of my father in law's frozen lake!


[BrookeO] said...

Ah! I love this post. But first, I didn't know there was another post before this one - so double the surprise for me - yay! Love the tree decorating tradition BTW, I wanna see the video too!

Let's see, love the engagement pics a whole lot lot lot.
Love that you got to see all the Mitchell girls and be together, looks like so much fun. And yes, Italy - hello! on my list too!

SLC looks as fun as I imagined it being. Wish we could have been there. (made that nightmare of too many hour trip I think too many times this year already. Love the temple pics, I would love to be there someday to see the lights, another thing on my list.

What else? Blog more and than I won't have to write a million things on a post. Love you. Cheers to 2012.