Thursday, November 1, 2007

My friend Alisha...

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I just got home from a fun dinner with friends. I could talk to these girls for hours! My cute friend Alisha (the one on the far left) is moving tomorrow! :( Her husband just got a job in Buffalo, which is only an hour away, so I'm still going to see her, just not as often---dang it! She is expecting their 3rd [1st boy] next month! She's one of those friends I love to talk to because she can always make me laugh. She is a true friend and I can always depend on her for anything. Tonight we figured that we had to take advantage of one last dinner together in Rochster and visit The Cheesecake Factory. I HATE good-byes so instead I decided we had to call this one a see ya later! Love ya Lish! She is one awesome chick and I'll miss her so much!


Natalie said...

Jamie! I never check my hotmail e-mail address but noticed just barely you sent out an e-mail about your blog. Its good to see you cute little family on here, looks like you guys are doing well! So this is a small world. I was at a play group and a girl named Tasha asked if I knew you. I guess she is friends with someone you know there. Funny how many friends you find through this blog thing.

Tell Bryan hello!

To comment on this post. It's always hard when a good friend moves, but good she'll still be close.

Natalie said...

Oh and here is ours a nice and long address there for ya to type out:)

Tiffany said...

What a cute picture...leaving girlfriends was one of the hardest things about leaving NY! You guys all look so great!