Monday, December 17, 2007

School's closed....PARRRRTAAAAY!!

11 inches Saturday
+ 8 inches Sunday
= No School Monday!
In case you didn't see every morning show reporting today, upstate New York got absolutely dumped on! The kids didn't mind one bit that they got to sleep in and stay home to play.
Some help...I'm stumped on what to get for Bryan for xmas---any ideas? I need some inspirataion. What are you getting for your hubbies? Thanks for the tips in advance!


Nelson News said...

Good luck with shopping! Matt is incredibly difficult to buy for, so in August I asked him for a list. It was sooo much easier doing it this way. Last night we made your big, soft ginger cookies, Oh So Good. Thanks again.

April said...

I love snow days!!! I hope that you guys found some fun, crafty, hot chocolatey things to do today :)
I have no idea what to get Noah either. I was going to get these:
but I waited too long and they sold out. So I'm thinking about this:$$23163312&refPg=%2fproduct_display%2fproduct_information.jsp&pcd=SEARCHDEX&oid=25435205&crosssell=y but it's too late now to get it by christmas, I just love the whole "secret message" thing!
*sorry my links made the comment soooooooo long!

Jennie Minor said...

How fun! Remember when they closed school is SG? There was hardly ANY snow. haha Those were the days. :)

[BrookeO] said...

I love this picture. I think we need to take more action shots, do I hear a challenge?!!! Wish we were there to play too!

Jo said...

Looks like we are missing all the snow fun. Oh well we have the mountains. I loved looking at your blog and I can't wait to try the cookies with grandma.

Dana said...


When you made your Happy Halloween sign what kind of glue did you use? And what paint for the clothes pins?

The Ramptons said...

Golly I miss the snow! I was outside in flip-flops and a tee shirt today. No white Christmas in San Antonio. I love your blog Jaime, you are amazing!