Friday, January 11, 2008

All about....Bry & I

How long have you been together? 10 years this week.
How long did you date? We dated give or take about a week. Picked out the ring the next week and were engaged the next. I can't believe my parents went for it!
How old is he? 31 and a half. He is 2 years, 2 months and 1 day older.
Who eats more? Sadly, probably me.
Who said "I love you" first? Bryan.
Who is taller? Bryan by a couple inches, we're even with my heels.
Who sings better? Bryan, he'll never admit it, but he is a way good singer.
Who is smarter? Bryan, especially if he's reading this...I love you honey!
Who does the laundry? me, me and more me. He got fired from that job last time.
Who does the dishes? most of the time me, but he'll do them if I ask and never complains and is actually quite good at it.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me. Always me. In our bed, hotel, visiting family...I think it's one of the top signs we're getting dull.
Who pays the bills? Me and [our bank's] autopay, my bestest friend.
Who mows the lawn? Bryan and his ipod, he LOVES it.
Who cooks dinner? Me, Bryan is a super cook & griller, ask anyone who has had his yummy Pad Thai, but I LOVE to do it[and have the time] so it's my territory.
Who is more stubborn? Oh, I think we have a tie.
Who kissed who first? A tie too :)
Who asked who out? I asked him, we went to a Christmas party, 10 minutes in, we ditched it and went to a movie.
Who proposed? Bryan.
Who is more sensitive? Bryan, he's a doctor who's seen everything, but is super compassionate and still gets a lump in his throat when he has to tell a family their loved one has passed, he's a great people person.
Who has more friends? Me
Who has more siblings? Me by one, I have 5. Bryan 4.
Who are you tagging? Haley, Sarah, Natalie, Katie Sherman, Joanna, Deborah, Anna & Alisha Lindsey.


Dani said...

Happy anniversary! I thought Jefferson and I didn't date very long, but I think you take the cake! (we never technically dated, but "hung out" for about two months) Thanks for sharing!

Dana said...

Happy Anniversary. Is Brian from St. George? I sent you an email let me know if you don't get it.

LACY said...

Seriously, how tan are you in that pic! You guys look great!

Jaime Mitchell said...

To Lacy and all those thinking holy crap she is tan...To set the record straight---after being deprived of the sun for the past 7 years living in the cold Northeast it was when we had spent 6 days in Hawaii this past August all day everyday in the sun, pretty soon everyone was calling me blackie! Don't worry though, right now I am a nice shade of parchment-ghostlike ivory. Oh, I really miss the sunshine! :)

Haley said...

Hey! Let me watch the kids so you can celebrate your anniversary! Pick a day next week and go! You are sooooooooooooo tan in that picture.

How crazy about Lehi Roller Mills at Big Lots! Hmmmm, maybe I'll have to stroll on by.

[BrookeO] said...

She's lying. Jaime is always dark! Try standing next to her in Hawaii for pictures, not to mention the part that I had just had a baby 4 weeks prior...she always look great!

Jaime Mitchell said...

The comment above, I paid her to say that :) Okay, falsely's not our anniversary until May, but we've been TOGETHER 10 years a go this week we started to get serious and on the 30th of this month we were thanks for offer to babysit Haley, I'll take you up on it sometime though---call me, let's swap! :)

April said...

um, k - you guys are so freaking tan! Oh, now I'm reading your comment. K, makes sense. I can't believe you guys only dated a week before looking at rings! You are so brave and spontaneous! Happy almost anniversary!

brieanne. said...

fun post!

[BrookeO] said...

again she is lying!!! ..... I will accept any and all $$$$ though!)