Monday, March 3, 2008

Cute as a Cupcake and other Spring fun stuff...

I love this! I want to add it to a T-shirt for Tay to wear to school on her birthday. It would be cute to put the number they are turning in another coordinating fabric on top! Ham reminds me of Easter and Easter reminds me of Spring, thus my favorite new, fun idea for bacon...make 'em curled!
These are the instructions on how to make your own bacon curls.
Found this tiny easter bunny...I would love to make one for each of my kid's baskets! Probably won't happen, but I thought they were darling and worth sharing incase someone was up to it...(I'm talkin' to you, April)
Here is the free pattern for bunny.


The Larson's said...

So cute with the t-shirt idea! You are so creative. Thanks again for your help with the cake :)!

brieanne. said...

wow! you've been keeping busy with so much! how do you do it?! love your recent shoots ... using lights? congrats on the in house studio. you have got to be the craftiest person I know .. bacon curls?! who would have thought but they are cute! thanks for sharing your creativity!

Betsy said...

Hi, I voted for Taylor from Brooke's blog. I made my watermark in Photoshop. The background is a lightening layer, and then the top layer is just br in my font. Then I flattened it and saved it as a ps file. Good luck!