Sunday, March 2, 2008

LOVE Etsy.

My favorite thing to do when I have a minute is to just relax by cruising around the Etsy site. It's so inspiring to see the great crafts and projects people have put together across the country. I found this cute project and decided I want to do this or maybe this! As you can see, their small. I could probably finish it and won't have it sitting in my closet for years and years waiting to be finished. I found some simple sewing directions here for the tissues. I love the fabric of the one above and the little loop of matching fabric and button - so cute! Even tissues can be fashionable - who knew?! Check out the brand new soon to be released Amy Butler fabrics called Midwest Modern. April! I need you to live by me, think of the fun we could have!


April said...

oh, we would be a dangerous combo! I think we would cause each other to spontaneously combust with all the excitement and fabric love we'd be feelin!
Ok - so isn't Etsy the best thing ever??? And I've been wanting to make a tissue pouch for ever and ever - I love those instructions!
I've made one of the Wee Bunny's and it is the easiest thing ever - you could make all three in a night after the kiddos go to bed!