Saturday, May 10, 2008

What we've been up to today.

Last night we had a BBQ and the kids found these teeny tiny silk worms all over in the backyard.

This morning Connor had his first baseball practice/game. At first he and his best buddy did a lot of this:

About 20 minutes in they had to sit and take a rest:

Eventually they got the hang of it and did a whole lot of this! (an hour and a half worth!!)

Tonight Bryan and I got to go out!
Doesn't happen all that often so I had to get this cute new dress! We had a few minutes to get there so we took the nice drive very slowly and I was SO excited to find a great spot for photo shoots, I jumped out and hit my best red carpet pose (haha) and off we went... [LOVE these blue shutters attached to the wall] the graduating residents dinner at a really nice country club across town.

This is my best, best friend Marti. I don't know what I'd do without her. Her hubby is one of the residents graduating this year. This is us meeting at the dinner and Bryan snapped the picture. It makes me laugh looking at it since at that moment she was telling me how she thought the corsage they were handing out to the graduates' wives wrecked her outfit and made her look old. She's such a silly girl! I love her to death! We had a great time and as always laughed until our sides hurt!


Anonymous said...

You are so amazingly gorgeous! Wow!

Jennie Minor said...

You look great!

The Larson's said...

Wow I had a lot to catch up on in your blog. First of all I love the family pics! Your family is so cute! I love your dress and am so glad that you had fun on your night out! So fun!

jeny said...

WOW, look HOT!!!

LACY said...

you look gorgeous in that dress, way cute!!

Jaime said...

Hi, my name is Jaime I was just passing through your blog from Dani Stewarts. I just had to ask where you got your super cute dress? I love it!