Monday, February 2, 2009

Bounce houses, baby blankies + mishaps

To keep from bouncing off the walls in our winter cave of an atmosphere around here, the kids and I can't beat a good time at Bounce-it-out. It's brand new place here with 8 gigantic (2-story) sized slides, mazes. ropes and more. So glad we found this, I'm already getting so ready for Spring + to hear today he saw his shadow...UGH! Not much of a surprise....this winter's been rough!

Brody hated it at first, but then couldn't get enough and after 3 and a half HOURS of bouncing and sliding was so sad to leave and cried all the way home. 
Baby quilt I've been working, green, cream + brown. Inspired by the free Amy Butler Brick Path pattern.  The backing is soft cream minky.
This picture needs no introduction. My feeling is he'll never attempt the potty seat necklace ever again.
*Don't worry, we got it off!


[BrookeO] said...

I am dying laughing.
1. that Bro put that on his head and
2. that you took a picture amidst the crisis.
Are his ears okay?!! :)

Love the bounce house.
LOVE the blanket. LOVE IT!I want to see it all and the back --- post another pic!!!

Sheryl said...

That picture of Brody is adorable - please remember it when putting together photos for his wedding reception. I don't comment often, but it's so great to see how you guys are doing. Miss you!

Amber Sheffield said...

oh, that last picture made my head and ears hurt too.

Danielle said...

Anything that can entertain a child for more than 10 minutes is a great find, but 3 1/2 hours?! That's amazing! That picture of Brody had me laughing so hard. What a great story that will make.

PS... what happened to pics of your belly? Haven't seen any recently... tsk tsk.

Lacey said...

Oh how hilarious!! The poor's a good thing Brian was home to help you get it off, especially because you were able to get a picture of it!
The blanket is so dang the colors!

Rachel said...

oh we are all laughing at that pic of bro! poor little buddy!
we have a bouncy house place here too and andrew LOVES it! i'm sure we'll go there when you guys are here!

The Andrews said...

I can't stop laughing...the potty necklace is awesome!!!

Maegan said...

Lol, poor little guy. I can't believe my kids haven't tried that one yet. It really is adorable!