Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Can't pinch us!

Happy St. Patty's Day!
We made my go to dinner which also has another title "dad's-operating-until-10 o'clock-at-night-and-mom's-too-lazy-to-think-of-something-else dinner", waffles! But for the March 17 occasion we had to make them green! It's the trick to making anything Irish, add green food coloring!
Connor has bronchitis. Really sick, can't you tell? He is great except mornings where he can't breathe + the whole day has the raspy voice and gunk in his lungs...he should be back to school in a couple days, meanwhile, his game controller fingers + ability to play outside work just fine!
Brody is loving puzzles. Does the same three over and over, can hardly break him away and forget about turning around to smile for a quick shot...
but if he does , this is the face I get...
{excuuuuse me!}
Today was beautiful...56 degrees! I'll take it!
The white stuff is GONE (knock on you-know-what) and I really couldn't be happier to finally see my dead yellow grass!
So you guessed it our zip line got a big refresher course on what it is to be actually used...
Last couple of weeks I've been getting ready for baby.
Making {lots} of fluffy blankets:
had to have one of these:
I ordered a 16x24 canvas of our family before it's outdated and missing a member of our family {in 6 weeks!}. I have looked around to do a canvas print and couldn't be happier with this company, looks even better in person - I thought they did a great job!
3" photo magnets for just $3 each. I'm thinking Mother's Day gifts for grandmas? Got them here.


[BrookeO] said...

I love this post.
Love the 'green' kiddos. I can never get all mine together, I wish I did. Love it.
Love your canvas, I will have to post mine, just got it today. I am in love. I want more!!!!!!
Love all the sewing, droooling over it all. Again wish we lived closer. :) I should have done magnets, they are so darn cute.

Tried calling you, must have a busy day --- happy St. Patricks day, talk to you soon.

[BrookeO] said...

Oh one more thing.
Love the new header!!!!! Cute.

maren said...

so cute! glad you have some nice weather back...sorry we missed you at disneyland. i love the tie onesie! you are too crafty! i will try and post some house pictures soon...i have to clean it up to make it look nice!

Dani said...

Love the magnet idea for Mother's Day!! I am definitely going to steal that one. Your projects have definitely added to the itch I have been having to get sewing.

April said...

dang it. I'm going to have to think of another baby gift for you!
And I love your zipline. I want I want!

brieanne. said...

yes I've been looking for a good mother's day gift for this year ... THANK YOU!!!! love your creativity!

Alisha said...

Thanks for the canvas info. Can't wait to try them. I'm loving the weather too!

Trisha said...

How cute. Now were you wearing green too? I couldn't find any green in my closet. I can't believe that you are having your baby in 6 weeks. By the way I love the blankets and the onesie you are very crafty.

Maegan said...

I love the picture magnet idea, I may have to try that out. Th green waffles look yummy and glad to hear that I'm not the only one that uses breakfast for lazy diner's :) The kids love it so who cares, right?