Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dressed in the dark.

NO! Just kidding. This morning I made the kids get a quick shot out back before the bus came to see how crazy their outfits's for CRAZY MisMaTch ClOThes DaY at school! The classes vote to see who came looking the, you know, craziest...I think Taylor may actually have a shot!
Check out Connor's shoes...he thought of that one himself.
Just wait - Crazy Hair Day is Thursday!
I think these days are so fun, they were both so excited to go to school today and show off their silly stuff.


[BrookeO] said...

Super cute!
I actually really like Tay's outfit, seriously you should do a funky photoshoot, she's totally rocking the punk look.

Cute kids Jaim, they look bigger already.

Lindsey said...

Haven't logged on to blogs in forever! Oh how I have missed your crafty ideas (not that I can partake since I am lazy or just plain uneducated in homemaking...) I love the magnet idea! And thanks so much for saying where to get a large canvas print! I've totally been needing a place but had no idea where or who is good to use! You are amazing at your craft(s)- all million of them!
Good luck with baby "e" can't wait to see this little guy!!!

Anna said...

Too funny. Cant wait to see the hair.

Maegan said...

My kids always love days like that too- so cute!

Alisha said...

I love it! I don't think your kids can look crazy because they just too cute!

Heather Humphries said...

So cute! You know what's funny?? I see crazier mismatched clothes on kids here in LA when they are not trying to mismatch...I think its their "LA Style". I love your photos! They are very inspiring. Plus you look amazing pregnant. I would have killed to look that good with only a couple weeks to go!!