Thursday, June 18, 2009

check up and 3 sad shots.

Can you stand how cute this face is??
I have to stop myself from gobbling him up everyday!

Easton had his 2 month check this morning accompanied with 3 shots + the rotovirus vaccine by mouth. (That was a new one for me) You think by number four you get used shots and I am, right up until I'm holding his fists in mine with his binky in his mouth and then oh I can't look! He screamed pretty good, but with a constant Tylenol drip I've got him on he's doing quite well. On to the good stuff....height and weight. I thought for sure they were going to tell me stop feeding him so much he's off the charts....he just seems like he's grown so fast! So I was surprised to hear this...

Weight: 11 lbs 5 oz (47%)
Height: (I didn't catch it, but it was in the 53% tile)

So there he is just like Taylor was - average as can be.
(Connor was always like 99% height, 25% weight - tall and skinny, Brody was always about 75% height, 50% weight)


Dani said...

He just looks like he's about to say something profound. Must be those little inquisitive eyebrows or something. He is so handsome... I just about lean over and give kisses to my computer every time I see his little face on there!

[BrookeO] said...

Gah! (my mouth wide open) Could he be any cuter? Oh my goodness! I love this pic and still trying to figure out who exactly he looks like.

I wish 14 hours wouldn't kill me or one of the girls, I am dying to see him (and you all!).


Katie said...

He is so cute! Now were getting to the fun stage, right? My little one is starting to smile and I LOVE it! Makes me melt! Shots are not fun, she gets her on Tuesday. I always get teary eyed... Im so pathetic.

Emmett and Ashlee said...

He is adorable. I wish we lived closer so we could come get some kisses. Ya, I bawled for like an hour the first time my girls had to have shots, the doctors had to calm me down....the girls were fine. Truly pathetic.

Maegan said...

He is adorable, his skin tone is so cute! Those cheeks are beautiful!