Saturday, June 20, 2009


Reality has officially hit me that I am a mother of FOUR! I've realized now how spoiling it's been having Bryan home for the past 7 weeks to help me. I dropped him off at the airport Thursday morning at 4AM and it started raining...and literally hasn't stopped raining since! I'll admit I was a little nervous about doing this on my own for the first time with four, but what am I thinking? I mean the guy's got to return to a crazy resident schedule sometime (and that sometime happens to be this coming this Thursday to be exact:( ) I am mentally ready for next Thursday and holding on for dear life until he returns tomorrow! Okay, it's not THAT bad, well at least not until I was hearing Brody throwing up at 3am last night, then changing sheets because he HAD to go back to sleep in HIS bed and then getting up at 7am this morning to get all the kids ready and over to the soccer fields for Connor's last game of the season in the POURING (and I mean sheets) rain!

Yesterday evening was great! I love our best friends so I was more than happy to babysit for them on a special graduation night for Rick they were attending. They are the best! Their kids are perfect little angels too...especially this little girl. Isn't she darling?! She is an absolute delight and maybe I compare her too much to Brody since they are just weeks a part in age, but seriously she makes him look like a complete monster (even when he's not being a complete monster!) I pulled out the camera. I mean if you happen to have a cute little face to click away at why not?!

She got the idea and I think loved all the attention!

Brody and Mikelle have grown up together. They were both born just a few months after we moved here. They are always so sweet to each other.
This age is the BEST!

Later that night we finally got to video chat and see Bryan. It was so great to see him, Brody thought it was the coolest thing....he just kept saying to Bryan in a small cracking (close to tears) voice... "dad, you WANT to come home! You HAVE to come home!" It was so cute, after awhile he realized it wasn't going to happen and settled for some high fives instead.

I try to not think about how much fun Bryan must be having although I'm truly happy for him but...

does it HAVE to be here?! Why couldn't it be Armpit, USA or somewhere you have to wear long sleeves??

He's careful not to rub it in too much.
He's a smart boy.

[Just so you don't think Bryan's left us to spend some time on an exotic vacation without us (yeah, like that would ever fly!) he's actually there to present a research project he was picked to do at a national Orthopedic conference about some really cool stuff he discovered with a shoulder arthroscopy procedure - so yes, I'm jealous, but super proud too! Way to go, hon! But next time I won't just have had a baby and you can count on it - I'm coming!]


Katie said...

I so wish I were there right now. My kids are driving me crazy! Just when you think it cant get any worse, somebody throws up, right? Hang in there!

Mitchell Family said...

I love it! that is so funny. Hey, I'll take that little girl. How much? She is just the cutest thing ever. That hotel looks awesome that they stayed in. I had no trouble talking to Grant last night. Although my only complaint was that it only lasted about 10 minutes. They were really tired. I heard Brian did a great job on his seminar thingy. He is so smart.

Deborah said...

I keep telling Darren he needs to find a meeting at the Atlantis for us to go to.

Stephanie said...

Last. Year. Of. Residency. That's it. That's all I have to say.

Stephanie said...

I had to come back. You guys are so great! All of your kids are adorable!!

Alisha said...

Wow! I almost didn't even recognize Mikelle! They are so cute together. I love Skyping. Great job Brian! I'm glad you are surviving.