Sunday, August 30, 2009

perfect Sunday afternoon

We have lived in Rochester for nearly 4 and a half years and right when I think we've seen it all I was excited to find something new! Just down the road is Powder Mills Park. It was beautiful, especially since it had just rained, everything was so green. There were about 9 tanks of trout in the hatchery all of different ages, sizes, colors. To say my kids loved it is an understatement.
And look who got to come with us....
We are loving having Bryan home on Sundays! Quite the contrast from years past. I am pleased to report chief year has treated us better than I expected! Right now (and for the next 6 weeks) he is busy doing joint replacements at a neighboring hospital.
Love my Tay Tay!
This picture makes me want to live in lush greeness forever... (with a cute little duck pond)

Easton was there too. He's getting so big!


[BrookeO] said...

How F U N!!!
It looks like you guys had the whole place to yourself - perfect. Love the pic of you and Tay.

Oh and glad to see one little pic of Brody, I thought for a minute you left him home!!!!

Mitchell Family said...

That looks great. Connor's hair has sure gotten long. I actually think its adorable. What's the plan? Are you guys moving to St. George when Bryan is done?

The Larson's said...

It looks so green out there and is that a long sleeved shirt that you are wearing in the summertime?

Your family is so adorable and you look so great. Hope that you guys are doing well!

Anna said...

We're big fans of the hatchery whenever we have stale bread around.

Trisha said...

That looks like a beautiful park. Your kids are so cute. Aren't Sundays great?

brieanne. said...

your kids look AMAZING against green/blue backgrounds such as this! Seriously love these pics! Def. looks like a lovely afternoon... just how Sundays should be.

Jennie Minor said...

Love all the green! Truman (my son) can't stop talking about the fish and the ducks...he is tellins me a story right now...LOL! He keeps wanting to see the pics!