Friday, November 20, 2009

6 {ish} months.

All three boys at around six months.

There, now you can make an informed decision of who looks like who.
I think they resemble, but one doesn't really remind me of the other completely.

In my opinion, Connor took after Bryan. Brody is a combo. Whereas Easton is the spitting image of my baby pictures. The kids recently saw my baby pictures and actually thought I put a dress on Easton and took a picture!

Personality wise they could not be more different.
Which makes it fun.
I sure do LOVE my boys!


[BrookeO] said...

I love this. You should put a pic of Tay in this too.

Lacey said...

How much fun! I totally see you in Easton.

Mitchell Family said...

So excited to see you guys this week. We'll be there on Wednesday. I will be making my famous Oreo pies for Thanksgiving. Wahoo. Three words for you...You, Me, Spoons! :)

Maegan said...

Your boys do look so different! They are all so cute!