Thursday, November 19, 2009

just like old times...

except now we've tripled the amount of grandkids + Bryan is married + Joshie's on a mission + Mi'kel is at BYU.
LA + Taylor are NINE!
Where has the time gone?
Brooke will appreciate this post, I just know it.
She is pregnant with Kate in this(she got the chair).
The whole thing cracks me up!

{Oh and I already know I look scary}

Looks like a St. George winter for sure.
Boy do I miss those!
We're obviously deep in a very interesting conversation too busy to smile and look at the camera!
Kenna is 14 + Taylor is 9.
Good times.


mckenna said...

HA HA I LOVE IT! don't we look so cute?

[BrookeO] said...

one word - payback. (or is that two?)

ps who is taking the pics? For sure it isn't dad! Or maybe it is and that's why no one is looking?!

pps where did you get this gem?

Rachel said...

HAHA! I love this and REALLY miss that house!
Love the post below too! Easton looks EXACTLY like Connor to me!

Jaime said...

I was wondering who took the pic too! But it must have been bryan m since it was taken on our camera? And pay back?! Heck, you look leaps and bounds better pregnant than me!

LACY said...

love it, your old house brings back so many fun memories!