Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Right down the street they just opened a brand new indoor soccer facility.
LOVE doesn't even begin to describe how much we both enjoy it.
Easton has now found the dishwasher - ahhhh!
And is usually standing next to it.
The cutest thing I found this year was the PLAYMOBIL Christmas set. ($2 @ Wegmans) Complete with santa sack, bear, doll + soccer ball... I had to get two!
So they could race of course.
And since we already had the playmobil motorcyle + gokart it was a good hour of races + knocking down snowmen.

it's all fun and games until....
My favorite "new" cookie recipe:
*Peanut butter chocolate chip*
Teacher gifts.
*Chocolate candy cane hearts*
Friend gifts.
*Reindeer food*
Neighbor gifts.
*S'more Pops*


Anna said...

Where is this indoor place? The s'more pops are cute, cute.

Jaime said...

Anna! It's on Jefferson, behind that natural food store next to Buy Buy Baby?

Maegan said...

I want to be your neighbor :) those look yummy!