Wednesday, February 10, 2010

our visitor

for the past 13 hours happened to be my full-time missionary brother, Josh. We haven't seen him for exactly 20 months! He has been serving near Toronto on the west side ranging from 2-8 hours away from our home here in Rochester. During this transfer he happened to be about 3.5 hours northwest of my house. Two weeks a go he injured his ankle exercising + after some wary attempts at seeking sufficient medical care in the small town he was serving he opted to came to Rochester instead to be seen by an ortho doc. Since we live here + Bryan is one, it just made sense for him to come here + be seen, we're sure glad he did! What a treat for all of us!

First we waited ever so patiently for him to arrive...then at 6:30 pm on the dot his car drove past our house, then pulled into reverse, then climbed up our drive. Taylor couldn't wait another second so she threw on the nearest shoes + with no coat leaped out the door! She helped poor hobbling Josh up the front steps + in the door where we greeted him with LOTS of hugs + excitement!

First things first, he had to meet Easton!
I think it went well...
Josh always has a great way of connecting + loving his little nieces + nephews.
See, best buds.
We woke up early the next morning + all of us had to have a part in making a yummy breakfast for Josh.
Taylor carefully measured all the ingredients into the bowl.
Connor cracked all the eggs.
I made the syrup.
And Brody stirred...and stirred.

Buttermilk waffles with Buttermilk syrup....our absolute favorite.

The boys had to try out the boot + crutches.

A quick clean up + it was picture time...
I was VERY determined for a good one.
Yeah, they were really working with me.
Not sure what they're looking at, but I love how Easton is looking at Josh.
Then they thought it might be easier if Josh holds three kids instead of just two.
It got a little tricky with Easton.
He's super squirmy.
He's nine months old.
Yeah, no.
okay, now we're talking!
Oh yeah, and can't forget me...
so here's one with his favorite sister! Ha ha! (I'm one of 4 sisters)
But this is my blog, so yep, it's totally me.
Good news! The doctor diagnosed him with a level 2/3 sprain with 2 out of 3 tendons torn. Yes, that is good news because the one that wasn't torn is the one you have to worry about + could require surgery so we were glad to hear everything will just take time (and a little physical therapy) to completely heal. He'll be back to walking up and down Canada once again in no time + doing what he does so well, which includes a baptism this Sunday!

He's now on the road heading back to Canada + of course I couldn't send him back without an entire bakery's worth of goodies: raspberry meringues, orange poppyseed bread, loads of chocolate chip cookies, oreo truffles (all homemade by yours truly) + a monster sized bags of skittles + string cheese.

See, I AM the favorite.

I am so proud of Josh + in just 4 short months he'll be home for good with EVERYONE'S arms around him...I KNOW the rest of the family can hardly wait for their turn!

We LOVE you Josh!


Aubrey said...

He looks exactly like I remember him!! That's so awesome you guys got to see him. Love the pictures of him with the kids. Fun.

Amber S said...

I'm so glad this story had a happy ending. Thanks for sharing!

Plain Jame said...

What a fun experience. I love all of the pictures. I'm sure you don't know this (but your Dad did because I saw him all the time before I left!) I went to the Canada Toronto West Mission. The Elders in my MTC District went to the Utica New York Mission (which might be where you live, but I dont know). It's so beautiful up there. I spent most of my time within a half hour from Niagara Falls.
I hope he is loving it!

[BrookeO] said...

I AM DYING!!! The girls and I just sat here and read thru this and looked at all the pics. Oh man, so good to hear that he is doing okay and that you spoiled him to death.
Love all the pictures!
Ok, game on for best sister........

Call me later on!

mckenna said...

ok I only have one thing to say SOOO gealous!

510Jen said...

That is so neat you were able to spend some precious time. I know it probably killed Brooke. I love how close you all are. Looks like you took care of him. I think it is a toss up about the favorite sister thing. I would take either of ya.


Rachel said...

O my! Where to start?! First things first is that I can say for sure without a doubt that I am his Favorite law that is! haha!
But my goodness this is just crazy and so awesome! I don't know what I can get over first....the fact that Easton is now HUGE or that Josh was in your house as a missionary and you got to hang out with him! What a treat! It just seems surreal even looking at these pictures. All I know is that when he gets home you guys have to stand in the back corner while we all maul him! Haha! just kiddin. This is so much fun! Sure wish it was (us) that lived in Rochester, NY, right about.... 2 days ago! :D
Love ya

Nic@Nite said...

What a fun visitor to have! How great he was able to come and see everyone and that Brian could show him the ropes at the hospital. Love all the pictures and the list of goodies you sent him home with.

Jennie Minor said...

Oh my goodness! Josh is no longer the little boy that I remember! He is a handsome elder! so sorry that his ankle is hurting but so glad that it isn't as bad as it could've been. And the pics! AWESOME! can you send a package with all the things you sent him back with? ;)

Michele said...

Jaime, Josh looks so good! He is so handsome and looks like he is doing wonderful. I am so happy you all got to see him! It looks like the kids were l o v i n g it.
And Easton, oh my goodness--he is so big! He is so cute Jaime, I love him.