Sunday, September 12, 2010

First day of school + other firsts.

Taylor + Connor's FIRST day of school AUGUST 31, 2010

Taylor: Aspen Middle School {5th grade}
Connor: Aspen Elementary School {3rd grade}
(the schools are right next door to each other along with the HS)

Bus [picks up] at 7:32
Bus [drops off] at 3:38

We live just under a half a mile away, so they usually take the bus to school + either ride it home or tuck their scooters in their back back + scooter or walk home.

They are so cute!

Connor has the awesome Mrs. Zats! (or Julie as they call her)

And Tay has Mrs. Gray (but here they call all their teachers by their first name, so Amy)
Brody started school on the 8th so for a few days (especially during Easton's 3 hour naps) it was just he + I, pretty fun to do lots of things together. I got him this great "My FIRST sandbox" and he LOVES it! Hours of fun...
Easton is usually keeping his eye on the actions of the front door, if it opens for a second he's making a run for it! He LOVES the outdoors...good thing since he was born into our family. {Our "front yard" is the parking lot, whatever works right?}
Last night while making dinner (with fresh peach cobbler - yum!) I heard Bryan calling me out the front door wanting me to see Easton's FIRST time riding the scooter.
He did NOT want to get off!
That kid is the sweetest thing ever...I'll take 20 more, please.
(But don't get any ideas!)


[BrookeO] said...

Yeah for a new post
- f i n a l l y -!!!!!!!
Cute Tay and Con, love thier outfits, so glad they are loving it there. Sounds like so much fun.

Can't get enough of Easter - every time I see a pic he has grown up!!!

Note to self - order the sandboxes ASAP!

Love you!

Aubrey said...

Your kids look like they are in a magazine for new school clothes or something. So gorgeous & handsome!

Stephanie said...

Glad you're loving' Aspen! You're almost done!!! The kids are adorable!

Lacey said...

That little body of his is so dang cute and chubby!

Rachel said...

Oh that little Easters chankles!!!! I love that kid!
Everyone looks so grown up since we've seen you last?! SO wish we were coming this weekend-but we'll see you in a few. :)

510Jen said...

Yeah an update! I love first day of school pictures. You can see how nervous all the kids are. Hope you are loving Colorado. One year right? Keep the posts comin. Recipes if you have any new ones!

Emily said...

So Jaim-- about those 20 more kids?!?