Friday, September 10, 2010

Settled in.

I'm determined to getting back to posting about my family + our life here in Aspen. Kids are back in school + enjoying it. Even Brody goes 2 FULL days a week leaves me with just one at home. You'd think things would slow down around here then, but my schedule could not be more full...between soccer, karate, cello, activity days + scouts, plus those little things like cooking, cleaning, laundry + my new calling in the nursery, I'm feeling maxed out! But life is oh so good, we feel incredibly blessed and happy to be here! More on that later...

For now, some pictures taken as I was travelling from NY to CO with a pit stop in St. George to celebrate the homecoming of my little brother Josh returning from his mission in Canada.

June 2010
My sisters + Josh: (-Bryan)


Andrews Family said... are back! I've missed your updates. Just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY (isn't it soon...or just passed?..the 8th or 9th maybe???) I remember wishing you happy birthday in late September and I was 2-3 weeks off last time :( of these days I'll get it straight. Love ya tons! Hey, Rick is in Denver...give him a call if you are ever up there...he and rachel love adventure.

Lacey said...

Can't wait to see and hear more about how things are going for you in Aspen! So glad to hear from you again!

Maegan said...

Hi! I am glad to see you are back blogging! I hope you guys are enjoying Colorado! I cannot believe how big Easton looks already, wasn't he just born? Love the scooter ride.