Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

Connor a few minutes before getting baptized.
He was SO excited!

We all were so happy my family {most of them anyway} could be there! It really meant a lot to me + Connor that they came.

Taylor (her black eye was from playing catch with a 6th grader, classic 'elbow to the eye' during recess) minutes before the thing was to start was so cute to ask if she could play on her cello "I am a Child of God" for Connor. She played it at her baptism 2 years a go and really hasn't played it since, she had completely forgotten the notes and being minutes from starting the control freak in me wanted to say "Are you kidding!?!" But I said felt like I should give her a chance, with that kind of confidence I felt I owed it to her so I asked her to play it for me first, she figured it out all by ear, practiced a few times and played it after the 3 minute video of Connor's birth to now video of pictures. She did awesome, lesson to me, have faith in your kids' abilities!!

Uncle Josh fresh off the mission delivered a great little talk on receiving the Holy Ghost. Grandpa Wilson gave a talk on baptism, it was a packed room with members of the branch as well. I was so happy everyone could come!
LOVE Aunt Kel.
With dad before the program began...
The night before we had dinner at the bells, I was so excited to take my family to see what an amazing place we live.
I couldn't wait to capture their excitement.
I don't remember the unabomber being there with us, do you guys?!?!

The bells just brings out the love I think...

Then Taylor found some tiny fish in a tiny creek who if not rescued would die so off everyone went to throw those fish into the big pond.
It was funny to watch everyone running around with fish in their hands! (It is alive, promise)

Thanks so much for coming guys!
Next time, stay for a FULL 24 hours would ya?!

Oh and the best way I've decided to end any and every post...
with a picture of Easton. Or Easter. Or Billies. Or Easter Billies.
He's my (youngest) love.


Rachel said...

Seeing this makes me even MORE sad that we didn't come! :(
Connor looks so happy! Love your family!

510Jen said...

Your family is the best. Always making it to important events. Even if it is a quick trip. Umm I think I may have a wife for Connor--not to set things up too early or anything.

[BrookeO] said...

Ah, really wish we could have been there.
Love everything about it, kind of made me teary eyed actually.


Dani said...

What gorgeous surroundings!! Looks like a fabulous time.

Lacey said...

What a gorgeous place to live! I might have to come visit you there too! What a cute family you have!

Betsy said...

Hi, I remembered that I never got you into contact with my sister KariAnn. She is the one who lives in Spokane. She has lived there for about the last 10 years, ever since her husband graduated college. They have 5 kids, the oldest is a girl, Abbie, who will be 11 in November, then a bunch of boys and finally a baby girl. I don't know if she really ever checks her email, but here is her email- It looks like you are living in a really beautiful place! If you can't get ahold of KariAnn let me know. Also, her blog is on my blog's sidebar under "Our Story."

Maegan said...

Congratulations Connor. Great pictures, it looks beautiful out there... I am super jealous!