Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve...

FAVORITE highlights this month:

+ Brody's obsession with HOME ALONE 2: if you need a laugh watch this with him, instant (crying) laughing.

+ Actually getting out on a "date"

+ Kids texting me while skiing last Saturday with things like "Having a blast!" "This is awesome"

+ Making lots of yummy treats + eating them!

+ Bryan & I taking Taylor to a performance of "Messiah" in an old Catholic church - breathtaking!

+ Brody getting his YELLOW belt in Karate!

+ Sledding with the little boys

+ Watching "Christmas Vacation" with Bryan.

+ Winning CJane's gift certificate! (and getting an email from her!)

+ Visiting teaching with some great ladies at the Maroon Creek Country Club! (if you have been there you'll understand why it's a highlight!)

+ And probably my most favorite is skiing almost every Friday morning just me & Bryan then having lunch with the best burger, sweet potatoes fries + s'more shake known to man.

We are so excited for Christmas around here.

Aspen is just amazing + with our only year to experience it, we are living it up + fitting as much into the day as we can!

Today was no exception...
We went to visit two of Santa's reindeer.

Then these two decided to ski with Santa on Ajax, a mountain with no green runs - all blue + black, they were kinda nervous.
The BEST santa you ever met! Brody + I sure had fun waiting for them at the bottom.
Here they come!
Proud HAPPY pops...
NOTHING puts a grin inside + out on this guy like a day on the slopes!

Easton would NOT let go of this pole, not for NOTHIN'!!
(skier in training?!)
He is stinkin' cute in ski gear...

I'd give it that today too!

I love this.
Catching my two boys (who need haircuts) chatting about their favorite parts of the day...


[BrookeO] said...

Oh I love it all! These new posts required a tissue -what is my problem these days?!
Love the pics! Love Aspen! Could you guys be at a more perfect place?! It makes me miss skiing in Brianhead!


[BrookeO] said...

Came back for another look with La!!!!

Haley said...

Love it you ski bums. :)

Sarah said...

Wow, looks like you're having tons of fun! Your kids are super cute. Btw, my cousin's little boy calls the 23rd Christmas Adam, because Adam came before Eve.. cute, huh? :)

Rachel Call said...

LOVE IT. Favorite was Brody's "two thumbs up" (totally belly laugh worthy) and seeing Bryan's smiley face skiing. I remember how stressed out our mom was not knowing what crazy stunt he performed skiing with his buddies. Love seeing you guys share that passion together. And Brody has gotten sooo big! What a cutie!

April said...

k - don't cut their hair! Your kids always have the best hair! Glad you guys are having so much fun :)

510Jen said...

wow. could you live in a more perfect place. it is beautiful and it looks like you are skiing as much as possible. and easton 20 months can you believe how fast they are growing. he is so cute.

hope all is well. before you know it this darn fellowship will be in the past.

keep your posts coming.

Maegan said...

Looks like so much fun there! I love all the pictures and I am very jealous of your once a week date with your hubby... so lucky! That is awesome!

Rachel said...

I {heart} everything about this post!