Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Date Night.

I LOVE date night.

Probably because it should be once a week, but for us is more like once a month.
New Year's resolution is to get better at that, I think it's so important to keep it a priority! Most Friday/Saturday nights were so exhausted from the week were so content to just find ourselves in front of the TV with a movie or series, but it's so different to actually take the time to get ready + go out. I'm always glad we did!

We have this thing here in Aspen to never go to the same place twice.

Speaking of LOVE:


[BrookeO] said...

love date night.

and yes those toppers will be perfect! :)

Mitchell Family said...

I want to go to Aspen so bad. It looks gorgeous. Hey, we are watching the X-games faithfully and waiting to see Dr. Mitchell fix someone up. Let's get a post about that. How exciting that you guys are right there in the action.

Jaime said...

He didn't stay long enough the one day he as there, dang it I would have posted about that for sure! XGames are so fun in person - what a great time! You guys need to come out here you'd love it :)