Monday, January 24, 2011

Favorite new recipes + the snow shovel crew.

I am constantly trying new recipes.
Some work out, some not so much...
These are some of my (+ the fam's) new favorites!

{perfect for cold winter day, reminded me a bit of Cafe Rio. We had it with corn tortillas instead of rice + SUPER easy, I let mine sit in a low temp oven for hours}

I made these yummy rolls today for an after school snack. I knew I'd have a crew since they were bringing home sister/brother friends of theirs today.

They were soooo good + simple to make.
A day where I want to just be home + relax usually involves making bread of some sort. Bonus for today was when Bryan did get home early + we traded off to each get four runs down the mountain a piece while the dough had a chance to rise.

Is this not so funny?
My next door neighbor (older, single lady) grabbed my kids + their friends + gave them a little lesson on starting a business, manual labor + saving for a rainy day. Then she gave them each a shovel + they scooted the snow off her patio. While they did this she prepared each of them an envelop identical to this one with $2 (plus .50 tip) in it. It made me smile/laugh, she is one funny lady. She even named them the 'snow shovel crew'. The kids were over the top thrilled + were even asking each other what they were going to save up their money for.

Introducing the Snow Shovel Crew.
{Okay + have I mentioned Connor scored the highest in his class for dramatic ability?}

It's true.


[BrookeO] said...

What a fun day. I must have called in the middle of it all today.
Wish again we were neighbors, you seriously are the best cook.