Thursday, January 13, 2011

An hour to skate.

For Taylor!
I was so jealous of Taylor when she announced that for lunch time yesterday she was going to spend it eating pizza + skating outside at the rec center.

I asked if I could come to take pictures + she politely said 'that's okay, mom - I got this' Meaning, yeah, don't come + embarrass me with your huge camera taking pictures of me eating pizza + ice skating with 6th graders + 7th graders + heaven forbid the all powerful, all knowing 8th graders!

So I thought about it for a minute {second} noticed it was a beautiful day, grabbed Easton (and the huge camera) + enjoyed it with her.

At first I didn't even make eye contact just walked along with Easton who joyfully threw snowballs + ran his gloves across the ground + I just watched. Then...oh no, she saw me! Then waved + said....HI EASTON!!!

She seemed happy to have us there (the only parent) so out came the camera.
This place is just too amazing to not capture!
{eating her pizza + skating}

Even the signs are adorable.
My next planned weekly activity will be to take up snowshoeing!

I recommend that while skating:
Look to your left for this view...

Then look to your right for this one...
{Aspen Highlands ski run}

Now breath in that crisp, cool, refreshing air...
awww, that's better!


Andrews Family said...

Oh my are living in a dream land...I love it!

Hey, do you mind sending me your home address? That's right, I haven't sent our Christmas Cards out yet...better late than never...right?!

[BrookeO] said...

OMG I love it!! The girls would die to go out there and ice skate, holy cow!!!! Love the pics and gotta say love that Tay!!!

April said...

That skating "rink" is gorgeous! I think I would want to be outside all day long.

Maegan said...

Look so fun and cute, total dream! Looks like you guys are enjoying your new home!

Haley said...

Wow Taylor!! What an awesome activity. So much fun. I love how you document it.

510Jen said...

OH my--can I just live where you live for a month. It looks like so much winter fun I can't stand it.