Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our third child.

Things about Brody:

:: he tells at least one person a week it's his birthday just so they will wish him a happy day (it was in October)::

:: he asks me just about every other day when we are going back to "my world" (which is our old house in New York)::

:: lately his favorite thing to add to his nightly prayers is to 'bless the hungry ones + the naked ones' uh....NAKED?!! I have to laugh (to myself) every time. ::

:: when he plays video games his WHOLE body moves - WHOLE BODY!::

:: his favorite foods are mac n cheese, ham sandwiches, apples dipped in peanut butter, oranges, pears, cocoa puffs, yogurt smoothies::

:: the first thing he says when I pick him up from school is always "I didn't hurt anybody today mom!" ::

:: he knows all the body parts in Chinese (or maybe it's Japanese?) Thank you karate! ::

:: he's not afraid to talk to ANY BODY! If there is a kid near him there will be an instant introduction: 'Hi my name is Brody, what's your name?' If you start talking to him, he'll never stop asking questions or the conversation...ever. ::

:: he has to talk about 'his day' before going to sleep. ::

:: I laugh daily about what comes out of his mouth. ::

:: he can count to 100, by 2's and 10's, knows all his letters + can write his name. ::

:: he loves to build legos with Connor, read stories with Taylor + is almost always very helpful + kind to Easton. ::


Bryan recently made a video about the little guy.
Click on the link below:


[BrookeO] said...

Love love love! Seriously how can you not laugh when he's around??!!!!! So funny!

The birthday wishing...Maybe since his very first words ever were happy birthday....remember that?!! Hahaha so cute!

And you already know I love the video-watched it 4 times already!!!