Saturday, February 12, 2011

cross country skiing 101.

A while back I signed up to help in Connor's class I was especially excited since I heard they were going to be going cross country skiing. Anything outdoors, sign me up! Plus, I had never tried + have wanted to for quite some time.

Today was the day! I was really hoping it was going to be good weather + not the negative temperatures we'd have been having. It was the BRIGHTEST sunniest day I think I've ever seen, so bright that with the snow I think I might have damaged my eyeballs. They hurt! Wish I had put my sunglasses on sooner than later.

We got all the kids ready to go by getting their boots lined up next to their lockers + helped get skis + poles matched up. We then walked across the school yard to the school's very own cc ski course.

It was both of our first time ever trying this out.

I love hanging out with this kid. He is seriously so much fun.
Before going down our first hill...
I have to say I was a little nervous, especially as Connor wiped out ahead of me. It was not very graceful, but I made it down without falling!
So as I was saying I was there to help and the teacher knew I hadn't ever done this before + the other 5 parents were like PROS so where do they stick me? With the beginner kids. Can we say blind leading the blind? But I made sure to stick with (er, behind) the others + just go at our own pace and we were as happy as we could be.
At least I was until this girl came round the corner + my heart about leapt through my throat!
There apparently is a race on Saturday + they were timing each other not the least bit phased by a bunch of dazed + confused third graders.
You'd think a kid who spent so much time on skis would just take right off...
But he spent much of his time like this. Smile still glued to his face!
Those skinny little things are quite an adjustment.
I'm a little biased of course, but I think this kid has a lot of girls chasing after him.
Right now girls are stupid.
Except for me of course. I'm his favorite girl.
Some how I think in a few years that all changes.
For now I'm enjoying it!


[BrookeO] said...

Oooh! I seriously have to come there!!!
Makes our field trip to plant trees look so lame!!

Connor is the bomb-love'em!

Jaime said...

B, you are SO funny! Made me laugh.

Ericka and Wes said...

That is funny! I love seeing everything you guys have been up too! WHat a cool place to live! Wish we were going there for fellowship! We will see?? Ut is probably not Wes' first choice? Can't wait for the end of APril to find out where will be!!! I'm sure you remember that...its fun to see updates of you guys!

Jennie Minor said...

Love cross county skiing! I have only been one time but the cardio that you get from it is amazing! Love all the pics. And your son is pretty dang cute!